Logitech Harmony 665 Manual

The Logitech Harmony 665 remote control manual is a useful resource for learning about all the features and functions of your device. It can help you troubleshoot problems, customize settings, and optimize its performance.

Download the Logitech 665 manual

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Please be sure to read and save the entire manual before using your Harmony 665. Misuse may damage the unit or cause harm or serious injury. Read this manual in its entirety before using the unit, and save it for future reference.

Universal remotes are great when you want to consolidate all your remotes into one device. Harmony remotes are among the best. It’s easy to set up, program, and use and Harmony 665’s ability to fix things that go wrong is very helpful. The Logitech Harmony 665 is an advanced remote control for your TV or home theater. It’s a standard-looking, standard-size remote control with a small monochrome display screen and is powered by 2 AA batteries.


  • Connection Type Micro USB
  • Infrared (IR) Yes
  • LCD Display 1.5 inch (diagonal), 65,000 color screen, 128 x 128 pixels
  • Backlit Buttons All buttons below the LCD screen are backlit
  • Battery Details 2 AA batteries (included)
  • Remote 58mm
    (2.3 inches) 33mm (1.3 inch) 222mm
    (8.75 inches) 170g
    (6 ounces)

Logitech Harmony 665 FAQ

Is the Harmony 665 backlit?

Yes. The remote is fully backlit.

Does the 665 work with firestick?

Harmony Express remotes and Harmony Hub-based remotes work with Fire OS

Is the Harmony 665 discontinued?

Logitech has discontinued its Harmony range of universal remotes. They will continue to be sold on Logitech’s site and through retailers while supplies last.

Getting Started with your Harmony remote

  1. Download and install the Harmony software.
  2. If this is your first Harmony remote, create a new account. If you already have a MyHarmony account then you may sign in and add this new remote to your account.
  3. Ensure you’ve installed the two AA batteries into the back of your remote. Using the supplied USB cable connect the Harmony to your computer.
  4. If this is your first remote then you’ll be prompted to enter the manufacturer and model for each of your home entertainment devices.
  5. Once all your devices have been entered, the Harmony software will prompt you to create a Watch TV Activity. You’ll be asked what input each of your devices has to be on in order for you to see the video and hear the sound. Follow the on-screen instructions.
  6. That’s it! Click the Sync button to transfer these settings to your remote.

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