Powerflex 755 user manual

Powerflex 755 user manual

The Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 755 is an Adjustable Frequency AC Drive from the PowerFlex 755 product family. This AC drive is a 480VAC, 3-Phase rated drive with an applicable motor output power of 150 HP and an output current of 186 A. Like all PowerFlex 755 drives, it features an EtherNet/IP communication port which has many … Read more

Powerflex 525 user manual

Powerflex 525

The Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 525 variable AC drives are ideal for a wide range of applications, including conveyors, material handling, compressors, fans, and pumps, the drive provides a variety of motor control options to accommodate open- and closed-loop applications. These cost-effective compact drives come with embedded EtherNet/IP™ communications, safety, USB configuration, and a high ambient operating … Read more

Yokatta DX-6 user manual

Yokatta DX-6

The Yokatta DX-6 is a bundy clock that uses a time card to record the arrival and departure of employees at the start and end of their assigned shift. The name “bundy” comes from Australian English and refers to the machine’s inventors Willard and Harlow Bundy. This electronic time clock is used to record employee … Read more