Logitech Harmony 650 manual

Logitech has manufactured quite a few Harmony remote models over the years. All seem to handle well, control a decent amount of devices, and are easy to program, we have no problem recommending the Logitech Harmony 650–it’s a great universal remote that’s being sold at a very competitive sub-$100 price.

Getting the most out of your Harmony remote requires some understanding of how to use it. That’s where having the owner’s manual comes in handy. With proper usage, there is less risk of damage, and you’ll learn how to get the most out of it.

Download the Harmony 650 remote manual

Please be sure to read and save the entire manual before setting up or using your Logitech Harmony 650. Misuse may damage the unit and/or cause harm or serious injury. Download the manual and save it for future reference.

Harmony 650 features

  • Simple to set up and use
  • Replaces 8 other remotes, eliminating the complications and clutter that go with them
  • Its color screen shows the commands you need for the devices you’re using, and can even provide help if you need it
  • View icons for your favorite channels as well as the commands you need for the devices you’re using
  • One-click activity buttons automatically turn on the right devices and select the appropriate input settings depending on what you want to do, such as “Watch a DVD” (online setup required)
  • Logitech supports 6,000+ brands with their database that grows every day, so your remote won’t become obsolete when you buy a new TV or Blu-ray player
  • Requires 2 x AA batteries (included)

We also have the manual for the Logitech Harmony 665

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