Apple TV 4th Generation Manual

The Apple TV manual is a useful resource for learning about all the features and functions of your device. Reading the manual can help you discover new features and get the most out of your device. It can help you troubleshoot problems, customize settings, and optimize its performance. With proper usage, there is less risk of damage, and you’ll learn how to get the most out of it.

Download the Apple TV manual

Please read and save the entire manual before setting up or using your Apple TV 4th generation. Misuse may damage the unit or cause harm or serious injury. Download the manual and save it for future reference.

Apple TV 4th Gen features

The 4th generation Apple TV is a major upgrade to the older units. A Siri button on the remote allows several functions, including searching across providers for content, accessing additional metadata, and video/audio controls. The 4th generation also uses a new operating system TVOS (marketed by Apple stylized as tvOS) with an associated app store allowing the download of third-party apps for video, audio, games, and other content.

It is somewhat taller in size but still small overall. A new touch remote for swipe-to-select functionality instead of the old remote’s arrow button, with integrated Siri support, and a motion sensor.

  • Siri Integration: The fourth-generation Apple TV includes Siri integration, which allows users to search for content, control playback, and access other features using their voice. With Siri, users can easily find and watch movies, TV shows, and live events without having to navigate menus or type in search terms.
  • App Store: The Apple TV also includes an App Store, which allows users to download and install apps directly onto their device. The App Store features a wide range of apps, including games, streaming services, and other media apps.
  • High-definition Video: The fourth-generation Apple TV supports high-definition video playback, including 1080p video at 60 frames per second. This means users can enjoy crisp, clear video content on their TV, with smooth playback and high-quality audio.
  • AirPlay: The Apple TV also supports AirPlay, which allows users to wirelessly stream content from their iPhone, iPad, or Mac directly to their TV. This feature is useful for sharing photos, videos, or other content with family and friends, or for displaying presentations or other work-related content on a larger screen.
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