Honeywell T6 Pro user manual

The T6 allows you to change temperature settings while away from home using any smartphone or tablet device. All that requires is for you to sync it through WiFi and you can do most of the things you could do on your phone or tablet.

If you’re comfortable installing a light fixture, you can install a Honeywell T6 Pro yourself. There’s even a mobile app to connect to your thermostat from a smartphone! It is seriously cool. But how do you use the darn thing?

Manual for the Honeywell T6 Pro

Download the Honeywell T6 Pro user manual here

Excellent, user-friendly designRequires a stable Wi-Fi connection
Easy installationThe app is incompatible with some Android phones
Brand-exclusive featuresGeofencing does not work with a programmed schedule

Honeywell T6 Pro Frequently Asked Questions

Does Honeywell T6 Pro have WiFi?

The Honeywell T6 Pro Thermostat is a programmable thermostat that can be controlled from anywhere with WiFi.

Can I control my Honeywell thermostat from my phone?

Yes! This wifi-enabled smart thermostat allows you to control your heating and cooling system from anywhere in the world.

T6 Pro package contents

  • Lyric T6 PRO Wi-Fi Thermostat
  • Honeywell Decorative Cover Plate
  • UWP Mounting System
  • Honeywell Standard Installation Adapter (J-box adapter)
  • Screws and anchors
  • Getting Started Guide
  • Professional Install Guide