Garrett ACE 250 Manual

The Garrett ACE 250 manual provides important information and instructions on how to properly use and maintain your metal detector. The manual can help you learn about the different settings and features of your detector, and provide guidance on how to use it effectively to locate even the most elusive treasures.

Manual for the Garret 250

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For safe and optimum performance, the Garrett ACE 250 must be used properly. Carefully read and follow all instructions and guidelines in this manual and give special attention to the CAUTION and WARNING statements. Misuse may result in damage to your detector or cause harm or serious injury.

The ACE 250 is considered to be an entry-level detector and is designed for novice treasure hunters. The ACE 250 is known for its ease of use and excellent performance. It features a number of advanced technologies, such as a digital target ID, a depth indicator, and a backlit LCD screen.


  • Digital Target ID: The ACE 250 is equipped with a digital target ID system that allows the user to identify the type of metal they have found, providing a numerical scale from 0 to 99.
  • Depth Indicator: The detector has a depth indicator that shows how deep the target is buried, so you know how much digging you will need to do to reach the target.
  • Adjustable Sensitivity: The detector has an adjustable sensitivity feature, which allows the user to fine-tune the detector’s sensitivity to suit the ground conditions and the size of the target. This helps to eliminate false signals and improves overall performance

The Garrett ACE 250 manual is an important resource to understand the capabilities of your metal detector, and how to use it effectively, allowing you to make the most of your treasure-hunting experience.

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