Blink XT2 manual

blink xt2

The Blink XT2 Smart Security Camera lets you talk to visitors through the smartphone or tablet app and lets them talk right back to you. And with customizable motion detection, you can decide where, in the camera’s field of view motion is important, meaning that distracting movements by pets, kids, or plants won’t alarm you. … Read more

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Samsung Galaxy S9 manual

Galaxy S9

The Galaxy S9 remains an excellent smartphone for almost anyone with the high level of design, build, specs, and performance we’d expect from Samsung. This model is still one of the best phones on the market. It’s a much better value than the iPhone XS, and it makes even the new Pixel 3 look a … Read more

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Nest Cam manual

nest cam

The Nest camera is a multifunctional surveillance device that is frequently used by police and military forces to monitor suspicious activity, as well as to investigate crimes. The nest camera can also be used by private citizens to keep an eye on their property or to document events. The camera is small and unobtrusive, making … Read more

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Nest Thermostat Manual

Nest Thermostat

The Nest thermostat from Google is a rather complex and tech-savvy device. To get the most out of it, you need to be aware that using it properly will help avoid any damage or accidents. The Nest Thermostat manual provides clear instructions for proper usage which ensures minimal risk in addition to teaching us how … Read more

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