Rick Blythe – Author

Rick Blythe

My name is Rick Blythe, and I am the owner and principal author of UserManualDownload.com, where you find our catalog of user manuals.

Since August 2000 I have enjoyed building websites as a side hustle to my daytime job working at several large software companies including VMware, Sybase, and Powersoft.

My last job before I retired was:

Program Manager, Online Systems

Managed all Technical Support online services related to self-help. This included:

  • Webmaster for the online Knowledgebase (30,000 documents) kb.vmware.com
  • SEO for the Knowledgebase
  • Owner of all online technical support forums in technical aspects
  • Pioneered VMware’s social support infrastructure (social media channels)
  • Provided analytics and insights. Tracked asset performance.
  • Tracked social media temperature, handled priority escalations with senior management, and liaised with the public on social channels.

This experience has come in very handy in creating this website.

UserManualDownload.com has been in operation since January 2008 and I continue to add valuable content to the site. I make sure all manuals are sourced from the manufacturer of the product.