Honeywell T6 Pro user manual

Honeywell T6 Pro

The T6 allows you to change temperature settings while away from home using any smartphone or tablet device. All that requires is for you to sync it through WiFi and you can do most of the things you could do on your phone or tablet. If you’re comfortable installing a light fixture, you can install … Read more

Homecare Homebase user manual

Homecare Homebase

Homecare Homebase R2 is a back-office application that is user-friendly, flexible, and customizable to your specific agency needs. You can easily prioritize your work, eliminating delays and guesswork. The Homecare Homebase suite of applications connects everyone involved in the patient’s circle of care for improved communication and outcomes. Manual for Homebase Download the Homecare Homebase … Read more

Scantronic 9427+ manual

Scantronic 9427+

The Scantronic 9427+ is a 6-zone remote keypad designed to be compatible with 9448-90 and 9448UK-60 control panels by Scantronic. User manual for the Scantronic 9427+ Download the Scantronic 9427+ manual here Quiescent current 20mA Dimensions 115mm x 11mm x 28mm Weight 133g For use with the 9448-90 and 9448UK-60 control panels. 10 LED display … Read more