Yale Veracitor 50vx owners manual

The Yale 50vx is a 50-volt brushless AC forklift motor. It has a rated power of 4,400 watts and a peak torque of 48 Newton meters. The 50vx is part of Yale’s Veracitor line of forklifts, which are designed for use in warehouse and industrial applications. The Veracitor 50vx is available in both 3-phase and single-phase versions, and can be used with either lead-acid or lithium-ion batteries.

Yale 50vx owners manual

To get the most out of your Veracitor 50vx, it is helpful to have some understanding of how it works. By taking the time to learn about your forklift, you can ensure that you are using it in the most effective way possible. Getting the most out of your Yale Veracitor 50vx can help you maximize its potential and get the most value for your investment.

Zero Tailpipe EmissionsHigher initial investment
Lower Overall MaintenanceBattery charging
Tighter Turning RadiusEnvironmental Challenges
Improved Visibility

Yale forklift manuals

TitleFile SizeDownload Link
YALE B974 GDP25LX LIFT TRUCK Service Repair Manual.pdf3.4MbDownload
Yale Electric Forklift ERC040-065GH (A908), ERC030-040AH (B814), ERP040-060DH(D216) Operating Manual.pdf19.2MbDownload
Yale Electric Forklift Maintenance Manual.pdf990.7kbDownload
Yale Forklift ERC040RG Service Manual.pdf7.5MbDownload
Yale Forklift ERC040ZG Service Manual.pdf7.5MbDownload
Yale Forklift ERC050RG Service Manual.pdf7.5MbDownload
Yale Forklift ERC050ZG Service Manual.pdf7.5MbDownload
Yale Forklift ERC060RG Service Manual.pdf7.5MbDownload
Yale Forklift ERC060ZG Service Manual.pdf7.5MbDownload
Yale Forklift ERC065RG Service Manual.pdf7.5MbDownload
Yale Forklift ERC065ZG Service Manual.pdf7.5MbDownload
Yale Forklift ERC070HG Service Manual.pdf2.2MbDownload
Yale Forklift ERC080HG Service Manual.pdf2.2MbDownload
Yale Forklift ERC100HG – 39 Service Manual.pdf2.2MbDownload
Yale Forklift ERC100HG – 45 Service Manual.pdf2.2MbDownload
Yale Forklift ERC120HG Service Manual.pdf2.2MbDownload
Yale Forklift ERP15VT, 16VT, 18VT, 20VT(G807) Parts Manual.pdf14.2MbDownload
Yale Forklift GLP050LX, GDP50LX(A974) Parts Manual.pdf7.4MbDownload
Yale Forklift GLP050LX(A974) Parts Manual.pdf5.4MbDownload
Yale Forklift GLP050TG, GLP060TG, GP050TG, GP060TG Parts Manual.pdf9.4MbDownload
Yale Forklift GP-GTP-GDP 050-055-060 RL-TL Parts Manual.pdf36.8MbDownload
Yale Forklift GP080-120VX, GLP080-120VX,GDP080-120VX VERACITOR(G813) Parts Manual.pdf13.3MbDownload
Yale Forklift Project Report – 1.pdf1010.8kbDownload
YALE G807 ERP18VT LIFT TRUCK (EUROPE) Service Repair Manual.pdf6.3MbDownload
Yale j813gp-glp-gdp110vx lift truck service repair manual.pdf2.8MbDownload

Used (pre-owned) printed manuals for specific models are sometimes available on eBay.

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