Micrologix 1400 Manual

If you’re looking for a comprehensive guide to operating the Micrologix 1400, look no further than the official Micrologix 1400 manual. Before you install, configure, operate, or maintain your PLC, users are advised to read the MicroLogix 1400 manual. The manual provides detailed information on the features and capabilities of this PLC, as well as instructions on how to install, set up, and program the device.

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Use this manual if you are responsible for designing, installing, programming, or troubleshooting control systems that use MicroLogix 1400 controllers.

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To prevent any injury to the user or any damage to the instrument it is essential that you consult the Micrologix 1400 manual. For safe and optimum performance, the controller must be used properly. Carefully read and follow all guidelines in this manual and give special attention to the CAUTION and WARNING statements.


The MicroLogix 1400 is a compact, modular PLC that is suitable for a wide range of applications, including those in the automotive, food and beverage, and packaging industries. It offers a range of features and capabilities, including support for ladder logic and function block programming, and can be easily integrated into existing automation systems.

  • An Ethernet port provides Web server capability, email capability, and protocol support for DNP3 protocol support
  • Built-in LCD with backlight lets you view controller and I/O status
  • Built-in LCD provides a simple interface for messages, bit/integer monitoring, and manipulation
  • Expands application capabilities through support for as many as seven 1762 MicroLogix Expansion I/O modules with 256 discrete I/O
  • As many as six embedded 100 kHz high-speed counters (only on controllers with DC inputs)
  • Two serial ports with DF1, DH-485, Modbus RTU, DNP3, and ASCII protocol support
  • 10 KB words in user program memory with 10 KB words in user data memory)
  • Up to 128 KB for data logging and 64 KB for recipe

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I connect my MicroLogix 1400 to my computer?

    To connect your MicroLogix 1400 to your computer, you will need to follow these steps:
    Obtain a serial cable: You will need a serial cable to connect your MicroLogix 1400 to your computer. You can purchase a serial cable from your local electronics store or online.
    Install the required software: You will need to install the RSLogix 500 programming software on your computer. This software is used to program and configure your MicroLogix 1400.
    Connect the serial cable: Connect one end of the serial cable to the serial port on your computer and the other end to the serial port on your MicroLogix 1400.
    Configure the communication settings: Open the RSLogix 500 software and configure the communication settings. You will need to specify the communication parameters such as the baud rate, parity, and data bits.
    Establish communication: Once you have configured the communication settings, you can establish communication between your computer and the MicroLogix 1400. You can then program and configure your MicroLogix 1400 using the RSLogix 500 software.
    Note: Make sure that you read the Micrologix 1400 manual carefully before attempting to connect it to your computer.

  2. What software is needed for MicroLogix 1400?

    The software needed for programming and configuring a MicroLogix 1400 is the RSLogix 500 programming software. This software is developed by Rockwell Automation and is used to create, edit, and monitor programs for MicroLogix and SLC 500 controllers.
    The RSLogix 500 software provides a user-friendly interface for creating ladder logic programs, configuring communication settings, and monitoring the status of the controller. It also includes a range of diagnostic tools to help troubleshoot issues with the controller.
    In addition to the RSLogix 500 software, you may also need the RSLinx software to establish communication between your computer and the MicroLogix 1400. RSLinx is a communication software that allows you to connect to a wide range of Rockwell Automation devices, including MicroLogix and SLC 500 controllers.

  3. What is the master password for MicroLogix 1400?

    There is no master password for the MicroLogix 1400 controller. The controller does not have a default or master password that can be used to access it.

  4. How do I reset my MicroLogix 1400 PLC?

    To reset your MicroLogix 1400 PLC to its factory default settings, you can follow these steps:
    Turn off the power to the controller.
    Locate the switch labeled “RUN” on the controller.
    Move the switch to the “PROG” position.
    Turn on the power to the controller.
    Wait for the “OK” LED to turn on and then off.
    Move the switch back to the “RUN” position.
    Open the programming software, such as RSLogix 500, and establish communication with the controller.
    From the main menu, select “Communications” and then “Download”.
    In the “Download” window, select “Reset” and then click “OK”.
    The controller will now be reset to its factory default settings.
    Note: Resetting the controller to its factory default settings will erase all the existing program and configuration settings. Therefore, it is important to backup the program and configuration settings before resetting the controller.