Frymaster Manuals

If you’re looking for a comprehensive guide to operating the Frymaster fryer, look no further than the official Frymaster fryer manual. There are several reasons why you might want to read the Frymaster manuals for your fryer:

  1. To learn how to operate the fryer: If you are new to using a Frymaster fryer, or if you are unfamiliar with the specific model you are using, the manual can provide important information on how to program and operate the fryer correctly and safely.
  2. To troubleshoot problems: If you are experiencing issues with your fryer, the Frymaster service manual can be a helpful resource for diagnosing and solving problems.
  3. To perform maintenance: The manual can provide guidance on how to properly clean and maintain your Frymaster fryer to keep it running smoothly and efficiently.
  4. To ensure safety: The manual can provide important safety information and precautions to help you avoid accidents and injuries while using the fryer.
  5. To identify replacement parts if your Frymaster equipment is in need of service.

Troubleshooting can be made easier by using the appropriate Frymaster manual. Download your specific model manual to get detailed information about possible causes of problems and how to solve them.

Frymaster is a brand of commercial deep fryers that are used in restaurants, fast food chains, and other food service establishments. They are designed to cook large quantities of food quickly and efficiently.

Manuals for Fymaster Fryers

Model NumberManual TypeManual Description
819-5981SP Manual1721/18UE Service & Parts Manual
819-5680IOSP Manual17EC/EWBS/ESW
819-6887IO Manual1814E Series Electric Fryer
819-6911SP Manual1814E Series Electric Fryer
819-7317IO Manual1814E with FilterQuick
819-7319Parts Manual1814E with FilterQuick
819-7318Service Manual1814E with FilterQuick
819-7320Wiring Diagram1814E with FilterQuick Electric Wiring Diagrams
819-6883IO Manual1814G Series Gas Fryer
819-7371IO Manual1814G with FilterQuick
819-5758IO Manual24G (LJS) Series Flatbottom Gas Fryers
819-6000IO Manual24G Series Flatbottom Gas Fryers
819-6031SP Manual24G Series Flatbottom Gas Fryers (SCF/SCFC)
819-5727IO Manual24G Series Flatbottom Gas Fryers CE
819-6113IO Manual2836 Series Electric Fryers w/out Float Switch
819-6114SP Manual2836 Series Electric Fryers w/out Float Switch
819-6038IO Manual2836 Series Electric Fryers with Float Switch
819-6049SP Manual2836 Series Electric Fryers with Float Switch
819-6872Operating Instructions3000 Operational Manual 1.60 (Pre-March 2013)
819-6985Operating Instructions3000/3010 Operation Manual v3-7 (Mar 2013-Present)
819-5795SP Manual35 Series
819-5665SP Manual45 Series (Series Code AH and Later)
819-5115SP Manual45E (Series AB and Before)
819-5383IO Manual47 Series
819-5384SP Manual47 Series
819-5246IOSP Manual8SMS/8BC/8C
819-7507IOSP Manual8SMS/8BC/8C (Thailand)
819-6141IO ManualApplication Series Fryer
819-6153SP ManualApplication Series Fryer
819-6558Operating InstructionsBK 1814 (Triple Play) 3-Lane Computer Manual
819-6557IO ManualBK 1814 (Triple Play) Series Gas Fryer
819-6810IO ManualBK 1814E (Triple Play) Series Electric Fryer
819-7240IO ManualCDC – Cleanout Solution Disposal Caddy
819-5613IO ManualCF Series
819-5186SP ManualCF Series
819-6040Operating InstructionsChurch’s CM4-S Programming
819-5893Operating InstructionsCM III.5 Computer
819-5899Operating InstructionsCM4-S Computer
819-6469Operating InstructionsCM4-S(t) Generic manual
819-5992IO ManualCT16 Series Toaster
819-5993SP ManualCT16 Series Toaster
819-5809IOSP ManualDean and Frymaster SUFF/UFF Filtration Systems
819-5865Operating InstructionsDean Compu-Fry Computer
819-5867IO ManualDean Cool Zone Electric Series
819-5729IOSP ManualDean Cool Zone Electric Series CE
819-5922SP ManualDean Decathlon Series
819-5698IO ManualDean Decathlon Series (D and HD Models)
819-5706IO ManualDean Decathlon Series CE
819-5700IOSP ManualDean Flatbottom Electric Series
819-6115SP ManualDean Flatbottom Electric Series
819-5708IO ManualDean Flatbottom Electric Series CE
819-7980SP ManualDean High Efficiency Decathlon (FPLHDC65 Popeye’s CE)
819-6314SP ManualDean High Efficiency Decathlon (HD,HDC,CFHDC,SCFHDC,FPHDC,LHDC,BK1814,Y/KSCF/C/HC)
819-5808IOSP ManualDean MF90 Portable Filters (Prior To May 2002)
819-7511IOSP ManualDean MF90 Portable Filtration (Foshan)
819-5934IOSP ManualDean MF90 Portable Filtration (May 2002 & After)
819-5895IO ManualDean Millivolt Gas Fryers (Non-CE)
819-5894IO ManualDean Millivolt Gas Fryers CE
819-5646IO ManualDean SR38E
819-5709IO ManualDean SR38E CE
819-5784IOSP ManualDean SR52
819-5726IO ManualDean Super Cascade MCD24 CE
819-6001IO ManualDean Super Marathon Series Gas Fryers
819-7504IO ManualDean Super Runner Series Electric Fryers (Foshan)
819-6010IO ManualDean Super Runner Series Electric Fryers (SR114)
819-6109SP ManualDean Super Runner Series Electric Fryers (SR114)
819-7501IO ManualDean Super Runner Series Gas Fryers (Hangzhou)
819-5999IO ManualDean Super Runner Series Gas Fryers (SR42, 52, 62)
819-5683IOSP ManualDean Triathlon
819-5657IO ManualDean Ultimate Electric
819-5948SP ManualDean/Frymaster Millivolt Gas Fryers
819-5941IOSP ManualDean/Frymaster TB14 Series Gas Fryers
819-7920Operating InstructionsDigital Timer
819-5713IO ManualEH1721 Electric Fryers
819-6232Operating InstructionsElectronic Basket Lift Timer
819-7049IO ManualESG35T Millivolt Fryer
819-7680IO ManualESG35T Millivolt Fryer (Hangzhou)
819-6283Operating InstructionsFAST (FASTRON) VC-210 Controller Employee Copy
819-6284Operating InstructionsFAST (FASTRON) VC-210 Controller Manager Copy
819-5686IOSP ManualFBCR18 & FBKR18
819-5278IOSP ManualFBR18/FBRA18
819-6399IO ManualFE155 Rethermalizer
819-6440SP ManualFE155 Rethermalizer
819-7508IO ManualFE155 Rethermalizer (Foshan)
819-5845IO ManualFGP55 Rethermalizer
819-6250SP ManualFGP55 Rethermalizer
819-7206IO ManualFilterQuick FQ3000 Controller v2 (After 4/15/2015)
819-7050IO ManualFilterQuick FQ3000 Controller v1 Pre-4/15/2015
819-7053IO ManualFilterQuick FQ3000 FQE Electric IO
819-7117Parts ManualFilterQuick FQ3000 FQE Electric Parts Manual
819-7110Service ManualFilterQuick FQ3000 FQE Electric Service Manual
819-7225Wiring DiagramFilterQuick FQ3000 FQE Electric Wiring Diagrams
819-7052IO ManualFilterQuick FQ3000 FQG Gas IO
819-7116Parts ManualFilterQuick FQ3000 FQG Gas Parts Manual
819-7109Service ManualFilterQuick FQ3000 FQG Gas Service Manual
819-7474IO ManualFilterQuick Touch FQ4000 Controller
819-7475IO ManualFilterQuick Touch FQ4000 Controller Taco Bell
819-7639IO ManualFilterQuick Touch FQ4000 FQ80/100/120 easyTouch Controller
819-7785IO ManualFilterQuick Touch FQ4000 Segmented easyTouch Controller
819-7522IO ManualFilterQuick Touch FQE30U-T Electric IO
819-7462IO ManualFilterQuick Touch FQE30U-T Electric IO Taco Bell
819-7466Parts ManualFilterQuick Touch FQE30U-T Electric Parts
819-7465Service ManualFilterQuick Touch FQE30U-T Electric Service
819-7464Wiring DiagramFilterQuick Touch FQE30U-T Electric Wiring
819-7624IO ManualFilterQuick Touch FQE60U/1814E Electric IO
819-7627Parts ManualFilterQuick Touch FQE60U/1814E Electric Parts
819-7626Service ManualFilterQuick Touch FQE60U/1814E Electric Service
819-7625Wiring DiagramFilterQuick Touch FQE60U/1814E Electric Wiring
819-7782IO ManualFilterQuick Touch FQE80U Electric IO
819-7935Parts ManualFilterQuick Touch FQE80U Electric Parts
819-7953Service ManualFilterQuick Touch FQE80U Electric Service
819-7783Wiring DiagramFilterQuick Touch FQE80U Electric Wiring
819-7521IO ManualFilterQuick Touch FQG30U-T Gas IO
819-7476IO ManualFilterQuick Touch FQG30U-T Gas IO Taco Bell
819-7478Parts ManualFilterQuick Touch FQG30U-T Gas Parts
819-7477Service ManualFilterQuick Touch FQG30U-T Gas Service
819-7703IO ManualFilterQuick Touch FQG60T (1814-T) Gas IO
819-7918Parts ManualFilterQuick Touch FQG60T (1814-T) Gas Parts
819-7919Service ManualFilterQuick Touch FQG60T (1814-T) Gas Service
819-7638IOM ManualFilterQuick Touch FQG80T/100T/120T easyTouch Gas IO
819-7943Parts ManualFilterQuick Touch FQG80T/100T/120T easyTouch Gas Parts
819-7955Service ManualFilterQuick Touch FQG80T/100T/120T easyTouch Gas Service
819-7423IO ManualFilterQuick Touch FQGLA-T Gas IO
819-7433IO ManualFilterQuick Touch FQGLA-T Gas IO – Taco Bell
819-7446Parts ManualFilterQuick Touch FQGLA-T Gas Parts
819-7443Service ManualFilterQuick Touch FQGLA-T Gas Service
819-6330SP ManualFood Warmer Parts Manual
819-6445IO ManualFPD65, FPHD65, FPLHDC65 IO
819-7001IO ManualFrymaster Decathlon D, HD, HDC & LHDC IO Manual
819-5916Operating InstructionsFrymaster Fryer Controllers
819-6797Operating InstructionsFTB-350A Test Box
819-5887IO ManualGF14 and GF40 Gas Fryer
819-5888SP ManualGF14 and GF40 Gas Fryer (Pre-January 2008)
819-6438SP ManualGF14/40 (Jan. 2008 and later models)
819-6945Operating InstructionsGM2000 Lane Controller Manual
819-5311IO ManualGSMS/GBC/GC
819-5312SP ManualGSMS/GBC/GC
819-5473IO ManualH14/17/22 (Common Electric)
819-5794SP ManualH14/17/22 (Common Electric)
819-5173IOSP ManualH14/17/22, EPH14 & EPH17 (Pre-Common Electric)
819-5309IO ManualH14/7 (Pre-Common Electric “Fryer and a Half”)
819-5606IOSP ManualH20.5
819-5000IO ManualH50 Series Gas Fryer
819-0001SP ManualH50 Series Gas Fryer
819-6213IO ManualHCP Generic
819-5931SP ManualHPT
819-6895IO ManualHPT IO Manual
819-6513IOSP ManualJ1C/J1X/J2X Fryers
819-5355IOSP ManualJ1C/MJ15
819-5733Operating InstructionsKFC-1 SMS Computer
819-5296IO ManualKJ3FC
819-5254IO ManualKJH50
819-5712IOSP ManualKSCF18G Gas Series
819-6629IO ManualKSCF18G Gas Series (Export outside of CE)
819-5678IOSP ManualKSCFH18E Electric Series
819-6321SP ManualMajor Components Parts Manual
819-6003IO ManualMJ Series (35, 45, and CF) Gas Fryers
819-5162Operating InstructionsMTB-310A Test Box
819-7681IOSP ManualNavy (Non-US) RE Surface Ship Electric Fryer
819-5184IOSP ManualNavy Common Electric H14/17/22 (Pre-Aug. 2003)
819-6030IOSP ManualNavy Submarine Electric Fryer
819-6203IOSP ManualNavy Surface Ship Electric Fryer (Apr ’06 & after)
819-6004IOSP ManualNavy Surface Ship Electric Fryer (Aug 03 – Apr 06)
819-6685IO ManualOCF30 (FPEL) Electric Series IO Manual
819-6686SP ManualOCF30 (FPEL) Electric Series SP Manual
819-7224Wiring DiagramOCF30 (FPEL) Electric Series Wiring Diagrams
819-6687IO ManualOCF30 (FPGL) Gas Series IO Manual
819-6688SP ManualOCF30 (FPGL) Gas Series SP Manual
819-7450Operating InstructionsOil Disposal Caddy (ODC) Instructions
819-6889IO ManualPasta Magic 17/8 SMS/17/8 BC/17/8 C IO Manual
819-6896SP ManualPasta Magic 17/8 SMS/17/8 BC/17/8 C SP Manual
819-6556IO ManualPasta Magic Gas Cooker (GPC, GPCB, GPCR, GPCRB)
819-6692SP ManualPasta Magic Gas Cooker (GPC, GPCB, GPCR, GPCRB)
819-7126IO ManualPasta Magic Gas Water Cooker IO (GWC)
819-7237Parts ManualPasta Magic Gas Water Cooker Parts (GWC)
819-7238Service ManualPasta Magic Gas Water Cooker Service (GWC)
819-6092SP ManualPerformance (Pro) Series (MJ35/40/45/50) Gas Fryer
819-6042IO ManualPerformance Pro Series (MJ35 & MJ45) Gas Fryers
819-7397IO ManualPerformance Series (MJ40 & MJ50) Gas Fryers
819-6980IO ManualPF50 Portable Filter IO Manual
819-7503IO ManualPF50 Portable Filter IO Manual (Foshan)
819-6982SP ManualPF50 Portable Filter SP Manual after Sept 2012
819-5179IOSP ManualPF50 Portable Filters (Pre-Oct. 2012)
819-5724IOSP ManualPF95LP Portable Filter
819-7510IOSP ManualPF95LP Portable Filter (Foshan)
819-5856IOSP ManualPHD
819-7541IO ManualPortable Filter IO (Combined PF50, 80, 80LP, 110) China
819-7541DIO ManualPortable Filter IO (Combined PF50, 80, 80LP, 110) US
819-7934IOM ManualPortable Filter IO CE (Combined PF50, 80, 80LP, 110)
819-7939IOM ManualPowerRunner Gas IO Manual
819-5991IO ManualPro H55 Series Fryers
819-6083SP ManualPro H55 Series Fryers
819-5915IO ManualPro Series Electric
819-5990SP ManualPro Series Electric
819-6118IOSP ManualPro Series Marine Electric Fryers
819-6338IO ManualProtector Series Electric Fryer
819-6344SP ManualProtector Series Electric Fryer
819-6339IO ManualProtector Series Gas Fryer
819-6345SP ManualProtector Series Gas Fryer
819-6149IO ManualRE Series E4 Electric
819-6150SP ManualRE Series E4 Electric
819-6552IO ManualRE Series E4 High Production RE (HPRE80) Electric
819-7502IO ManualRE Series E4 High Production RE (HPRE80) (Foshan)
819-6666SP ManualRE Series E4 High Production RE (HPRE80) Electric
819-6202IOSP ManualRE Series E4 Marine Electric Fryers
819-6981IO ManualSandwich Holding Station (SHS)
819-7506IO ManualSandwich Holding Station (SHS) (Thailand)
819-7540IO ManualSDU (PSDU50, PMSDU50) Oil Disposal after 05/2018
819-6677IO ManualSDU 100 IO Sheet
819-6794IO ManualSDU 50/90 IO Manual
819-5703IOSP ManualSDU 50/90/100/BKSDU
819-5874IO ManualSinBaD II (January 2002)
819-5875SP ManualSinBaD II (January 2002)
819-5227IOSP ManualTCF
819-7840Training ManualTechnical Reference Training Manual
819-6414Operating InstructionsTexas Chicken (Church’s) CM4-S Programming
819-6663IO ManualTriton FE155 Rethermalizer
819-6464IO ManualYFG255 IO Manual
819-6900SP ManualYFG255 SP Manual
819-6132IO ManualYSCF14G-YFPH1814G
819-6352IO ManualYSCFC24 Series Flatbottom Gas Fryer
819-6472SP ManualYSCFC24 Series Flatbottom Gas Fryer
819-6329IO ManualYSCFHC18G Gas Series
819-6710Operating InstructionsYUM F3000 Controller Manual
819-6647Operating InstructionsYUM K3000 Controller Manual
819-6133Operating InstructionsYUM Wingstreet Computer
819-6943Operating InstructionsYUM Wingstreet K3000 Controller Manual
819-6325IOSP ManualYUM YPF95 Portable Filter
819-6383IO ManualYUM! YFPRE Series Electric
819-6428SP ManualYUM! YFPRE Series Electric

Utilize Customer Support if You Have Any Remaining Questions About Your Frymaster Products

Once you have gone through the Frymaster manuals and understand the basics, it may be helpful to contact their customer support for further assistance. Their customer service representatives are standing by to answer all of your inquiries about Frymaster products, from technical issues and troubleshooting questions to best practices for care and maintenance. Customer support can also provide information about warranty programs as well as recall notices or product replacements if necessary.