Breville Smart Oven manual

My Breville Smart Oven is a sturdily built, well-designed toaster oven. Its stainless steel construction gives it a modern appearance, and I think it will look attractive on your countertop. In addition to the appliance itself, the Smart Oven comes with a broil rack, baking pan, and pizza pan. These are fairly standard accessories for toaster ovens, but Breville also offers accessories like pizza stones on its Web site. The Breville Oven is a well-made, smartly designed appliance that performs consistently well. However, some of the cooking presets don’t work very well, and its “smart” functions aren’t all that obvious.

Breville Oven manual

Download the Breville Smart oven manual

For safe and optimum performance, the Breville Smart Oven must be used properly. Carefully read and follow all instructions and guidelines in this manual and give special attention to the CAUTION and WARNING statements. Misuse may damage the unit and/or cause harm or serious injury.

Easy to useExpensive
Great all-around cooking performance
Great temperature accuracy

Consider investing in this trusty, solid and clever toaster oven if you plan to use yours for serious cooking and as long as you’re not turned off by the price tag.