Nikon D6 manual

Nikon D6

A camera’s sensor is usually the most exciting news in any new model, but this is actually where there’s been relatively little change in the Nikon D6. It still uses a 20.8-megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor, though now it’s paired up with a more powerful EXPEED 6 image processor. Nikon has chosen an evolutionary approach with … Read more

Leica S3 manual

Leica S3

As with other members of the Leica S-System, the Leica S3 is constructed using superior-quality and extremely resilient materials. The S3 is amazingly easy and intuitive to use, the optical viewfinder is marvelous, the shutter sound is a treat, and the speed is excellent. Leica’s choice to stick to a DSLR system and an optical … Read more

Canon 1D X Mark III manual

Canon 1D X Mark III

Canon has combined the advantages of DSLR and mirrorless to produce this hybrid with some truly leading-edge improvements. It is attracting a lot of interest. The specs are also listed below. The Canon 1D X Mark III has not even hit the shelves at the time of this post, but we have sourced the user … Read more

Nikon D780 manual

Nikon D780 manual

The Nikon D780 replaces the D750 and that camera was considered by many to be top-shelf stuff. It’s too bad it doesn’t come with a battery grip but it does deliver superb image quality and low-light performance up to ISO 204,800. Assuming that the D750 was one of Nikon’s best-selling cameras they can expect that … Read more