Doro 6030 manual

Doro 6030

The Doro 6030 is great for hearing impaired people, having good amplification capabilities. The screen is nice and large for a mobile phone, so text messages are clearly seen. Still, you may run into Doro 6030 problems. Manual for the 6030 Download the Doro 6030 manual here The Doro 6030 is one of the few … Read more

Doro 7050 manual

Doro 7050

The Doro 7050 is an affordable-yet-future-proof LTE voice phone. Its capabilities are very basic, but it’ll work perfectly well for years to come. Still, you may run into Doro 7050 problems. Doro phone manual Download the Doro 7050 manual here The Doro 7050 is one of the few 4G LTE voice phones you can still … Read more